Another step in Our Journey….

We’re starting a blog! Stay up to date on what’s happening with reaching our goal of Chris’s accessible truck. With the York dispatch publishing our story this week I thought this would be a great time to start a blog to get our story out there even more.   

Our fundraising efforts start with our Go Fund Me site back on Feb. 8th ( I was looking at our car payment which is due the 9th of every month and realized we only had 13 months until our current car was paid off. The reality set in that our dream of having Chris driving was going to be approaching sooner than we realized. Looking at the price tag of a new truck that we would need to purchase made us realize having a decent down payment would be a necessity. This is when we turned to fundraising.

As I stated earlier we started with a Go Fund Me site and a month later we started our Drive For Independence Facebook page. We then contacted our local newspaper The York Dispatch.  The reporter, Erin James and the photo-journalist Shelby Seaton followed us for a few months to get a feel of what our daily lives  are like and the challenges we face.

During that time we held a plant fundraiser with plants from Miller’s Plant Farm and a Soap Sale with Wash Your Mouth Out Soap Company. Those fundraisers and a few side donations brought in our first $270.  On June 8th my mom presented us with a check from fundraisers her company Conductive Technologies had done for us and that brought our total to just under $600.   On June 11th our story was front page news and has brought in even more interest to our story. With a few generous donations our total is less than $300 from $4,000. We could not have done it without the support of our community and we are still working towards our goal of $10,000.

Thank you to everyone who has donated time, effort, and monetary contributions. Without your support we could not have gotten as far as we have!  


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