Abilities Expo Recap and testing out a Mobility SVM truck

Back on Saturday May 4th. We had the opportunity to travel to the New York Metro Abilities Expo in Edison, NJ.  We enjoyed talking with many vendors and seeing all the options for wheelchairs  and vehicles alike.

One of the highlights was Chris speaking with Frog Legs, a manufacturer of wheelchair suspension casters, that help smooth out a wheelchair’s ride. Chris reminisced with Mark, the owner of Frog Legs, about the first set of Frog Legs he got. Mark even got to see those Frog Legs still in action as we used Chris’s manual chair that day. Chris has some of the original Frog Legs so the pair were joking about how his Frog Legs are older than Mark’s 13 year old son. Right now Frog Legs is working on a custom set of forks for Chris’s Permobile M300. Nobody else has them for that specific wheelchair and it took Chris many phone calls ad research to get them done. They are currently being worked on and hopefully be on his powerchair soon!

Our main goal at the show, however, was to speak with Mobility SVM and Ride-Away.  It just so happens that their booths were side by side at the expo. That made it very convenient to speak with both companies. We first spotted the Mobility SVM booth so we stopped there first. There were a few people ahead of us testing it out so we patiently waited our turn. When it was Chris’s turn to try it out I couldn’t help but get a little teary-eyed. It was the first time in nine years I got to see him sitting on the driver’s side of a vehicle. The last time that happened was when Freedom Motors had brought their PT Cruiser driver for him to test out when we were attempting to have the state convert his PT Cruiser.  It was amazing to see him in the vehicle. Jim Groves, the executive VP of sales and marketing at Mobility SVM, helped to get Chris in for his test fit. This link is the video we took of Chris testing out the truck. Chris testing out the Motility SVM truck

We also got to to talk with John B. from Ride-Away Norristown. He was extremely helpful and encouraging. He took the time to discuss Chris’s needs and we look forward to working with him when we are ready to purchase and convert a truck for Chris.

Overall it was a great day and I learned a lot!  I’m so excited to be moving ahead with Chris’s dream of driving! It’s been a long journey and we still have a ways to go but we’re finally making progress and that is definitely better than sitting still!


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