Gardening With Purpose

“What’s gardening have to do with your truck fundraising?”, you may ask. Well, I’m about to tell you.

Gardening became a passion of ours about 3 Years ago when our twins were about a year and a half old. We met a now good friend of ours, Steve Young. He helped us to set up an organic container garden for our back yard in the city and for the last 2 years we have had great success with it.

We were introduced to Miller Plant Farms plants by Heather Klinefelter owner of Growing Up Green. We loved the quality of plants and the great harvest we got from their plants. We found out that Miller Plant Farm is nearby and decided we would contact them in helping us with a plant fundraiser. Miller Plant farm agreed to work with us and we held our first fundraiser for Drive For Independence in March and April. We brought in $230.00 from our plant sale but since we had to buy flats of 24 of each type of plant we sold we had a ton of plants left over.

So, what happened to the left overs?, you may ask. First we donated close to 80 plants to a new community garden in our neighborhood, Hope Street Garden and Learning Lab Initiative. Even after that donation we had close to 150 plants left. Well, they  are all now planted in our back yard and we have quite the variety! We have several types of tomatoes including heirlooms. There’s Patio, Big Beef, Five Star Grape, and Romas and the heirlooms are Mr. Stripey, Mortgage Lifter, and Cherokee Purple. We also had lots of peppers left so we have  Lafayette (yellow bell), King Arthur (red bell), and Jalapeno planted. We had 2 kinds of herbs left. The Basil is being planted between the Roma tomatoes and the left over Cilantro has been planted in its own smart pot.
We now have a huge urban backyard garden and will be selling the excess produce to vendors at Penn and Market Farmers’ Market as well as Central Market to support our truck fund! We are so excited to be able to support the buy fresh, buy local movement while working towards our goal of Chris’s truck.

We strive to make our lives as natural as possible and one way we do it is by gardening. We  will love being able to help out our community while reaching our goals. Our first harvest of hot peppers came this morning and we were able to supply one of our favorite eateries at Central Market The Busy Bee with our goods. They were also one of the biggest orders in our plant sale. With local vendor support our goal seems a little less daunting.

I hope this sums up what gardening has to do with getting Chris his truck. I can’t wait to see what the summer growing months have in store for us!



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