Inside Look: Mobility Consultant Training at Ride-Away

Inside Look: Mobility Consultant Training at Ride-Away.

By: Jesse Lore, Director of Training, Ride-Away

“What are you doing? There’s no way that’s going to fit,” said Barry L., a Mobility Consultant in the Gray, Maine Ride-Away Location.  I steadily rolled up the widest power wheelchair we had in Londonderry, NH to the 2 wheel drive Mobility SVM Wheelchair Accessible Truck.

Jeff, the Regional Sales Manager for Mobility SVM, replied, “Let’s give it a shot,” as he rolled the extra wide Storm Wheelchair up to the platform lift. April was Truck Month at Ride-Away and Jeff visited each of our 11 East Coast Locations to train our Mobility Consultants on the inner workings of Mobility SVM Trucks.

The consensus among many of our seasoned sales people was that our customers LOVE the idea of riding from their wheelchair in a pickup truck, but some have difficulty fitting their chairs in them.  Our training session was an opportunity to address that concern head-on. “Wow!” was the collective reply from the class as the wide mobility device rode clear up into the cab and, with a couple adjustments, fit rather nicely behind the wheel.

There are differences when it comes to different models of Mobility SVM’s trucks. This was an excellent opportunity for our Mobility Consultants to really learn these differences. In this instance, the wheelchair was able to fit in a 2-wheel drive truck because the transfer case does not protrude onto the wheelchair platform, giving drivers an extra couple inches of space. The class was impressed and was excited to know that these trucks are compatible with a wide range of customers and mobility devices.

What makes an excellent Mobility Consultant is knowledge: knowledge of the products, the disabilities we work with, and the funding and financing options we have available. These are just some of the many topics that are covered in our ongoing professional development opportunities.

Each month we provide a number of webinars, designed to help our Mobility Consultants increase their knowledge base. Since these are held on an online platform, it allows members from different locations to not only learn but do so while connecting with their fellow employees.

In May alone, we conducted sessions on Vehicle Appraisals, the AVV Guide, the VA, and Mobility Products and Design (MPD) equipment. June includes training sessions on our Customer Management System, Securement Systems, Medicaid and Tricare, and more! It is because of all this that we have some of the most qualified and professional Mobility Consultants in the industry.

If you’re interested in a wheelchair accessible vehicle, then let us get you connected to a Certified Mobility Consultant today.  Contact us through our website by filling out our contact form, or give us a call at 877-659-9414 to be routed directly to the store closest to you.


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