Thank You Oletowne Jewlers!

We have a very BIG Thank you to say!
As a way to celebrate their 40th anniversary Oletowne Jewlers decided to give away $ 40,000 to various individuals and organizations in the community. After our response letter to York Daily Record someone emailed us the information for The Magic in Giving Program. We shared the program information with our friends and one of them took the time to write a letter.

Tara Wilson has been working with us pretty much since we started our fundraising back in February. She has helped with most of our fundraisers in one way or another. She has been a rock to keep us going even when things were seeming impossible!  In the midst of her busyness with her soap business she took the time to write that letter!

On Thursday November 21 we received a very exciting phone call! The president of Oletowne Jewelers had left a message saying we needed to contact them. When I (Heather) called we got awesome news! We had been chosen by the committee to receive $2,500 towards Chris’ truck! How awesome is that!

The only thing we can say is THANK YOU!  We are getting so close to our goal and it wouldn’t be possible without the help and support of our community!


Holiday Bazaar Wrap-Up

The Drive For Independence Holiday Bazaar was HUGE success! For our first big event it went better than expected. Other than a scheduling mix-up with Ride-Away and the Mobility SVM truck and a no-show clown things went very well. We are so grateful to the vendors who took their time to join us! Without them there wouldn’t have been a show! We also would like to thank the friends family and community who showed us a tremendous amount of support!

We had several items donated by vendors for our silent auction as well as a few outside gifts as well.  There were a lot of great gifts to choose from and the total for the auction alone was amazing! The silent auction brought in $205!

That is just a small part of all of the donations brought in that day! One of the things that drew the most attention was the American Flag afghan made by Cindy Russell, my (Heather’s) mom.  Walking in the door you received a free ticket and you could either put it in the bucket to win a cookbook or the afghan. We also were selling tickets to increase your chance of winning. I didn’t get an exact total on that but I know it brought in quite a bit of the donations that day. Marisa Blough’s name was chosen as the winner. The cookbook was won by Burnell Kerr but she chose to donate the book back to us!

Several of the vendors also made donations based on their sales and it helped quite a bit! Now what everyone has been waiting for: The BIG total! With vendor fees and silent auction included and a few expenses here and there the grand total is $1,150.00! We cannot say thank you enough!  It is amazing what a small community can do on a Sunday afternoon! None of you had to help us but out of the kindness of your hearts you did and we are extremely Grateful! What a way to celebrate Thanksgiving! We definitely have A LOT to be Thankful for this year! With much Love and Appreciation Chris, Heather, Harley and Tucker!

We look forward to a spring show! Stayed tune for more details as they become available!

Our Future Plans for Drive For Independence

With just only 4-5 months left until we hopefully start the process of making Chris’ Dream his reality I wanted to start sharing our dream for the future. Once we hit March or April we will begin the process of buying his truck and getting it converted. It could be a 6 month process. We’ll have to see when it gets here!

I want to share what we are working towards. We would in some way like to help others in a similar situation to ours, those with disabilities who would like to work but struggle with reliable transportation. Mini-vans are not the best in the snow and the bigger vehicles many need for the conversion process are quite a financial burden. We would like to work on first helping to reduce some of the financial burden with grants and Chris would ultimately like to look at working with manufacturers and conversion companies to come up with more user-friendly and pocketbook friendly vehicles.

We would like to keep up with fundraisers that we have had success with and set up a board to help oversee everything. In other words we are looking to set up our own 501(c).

We have learned a LOT with this process and would like to be able to help others with what we have learned. If you are interested in being involved please contact us and as the time nears when we are ready to get this off the ground we will be in contact!

I am excited for our future and the Independence this truck will give Chris. It would be such an awesome opportunity to continue his dream for others!