We had a great day at Winterfest! Thank you for allowing us to participate Eastern York Middle School PTSO!

The boys’ handprint Santas were a hit! All 10 sold out by noon! We were selling them at $3.00 a piece. One last ended up donating $10.00 for one so altogether the boys brought in $37.00 for Daddy’s truck! Could not be happier that our boys are learning what it means to help and work towards a family goal! They get so excited when talking about “Drive For Independence”.

The total for the day was $113.00 which was excellent for us! We are looking forward to possibly doing it next year if we get ” Drive For Independence” going as the charity!
It was great meeting people and sharing our story! I know many who did donate probably won’t see this but we cannot thank them enough for their kindness and generosity. We weren’t even asking for “donations” yesterday and some out of the kindness of their hearts did!

Thank you to Chris’ mom for allowing us to sell candles, melts and ornaments as well! It really helped!

Great day, great people! Couldn’t ask for anything more!


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