Let me tell you with all the snow this past week we’re really wishing for Chris’ truck right now! It is very hard for us to get out with having to load his chair on the chair carrier and in the past using his manual chair is very difficult in the snow.
Also lifting and transferring Chris to the car with the snow and ice is so dangerous for me ( Heather). We do as much as we can to protect ourselves but it is still not an easy task. I have slipped on black ice and fallen in the past and luckily neither one of us were hurt. Loading either chair is tricky in the snow but trying to get the power chair up the ramp can prove to be quite interesting! Luckily this week we only had to be out in it once for his work.

We currently have a 4 wheel drive vehicle but having his wheelchair out on the back makes the vehicle more unstable because of the extra weight hanging off the back. It’s also a big concern with other drivers if there’s a rear collision or any collision for that matter there’s a good chance his chair is going to be damaged being exposed as it is.
Even with the covers we use the chair is still open to elements due to the grating on the chair carrier. That means the bottom of the chair is exposed to the road salt and chemicals put on the roads which will cause the chair to age more quickly!

Having a truck won’t eliminate risk but it will definitely reduce it significantly. Especially the risk of injury will be greatly reduced because there will be no transfers or loading chairs. Snow has always been our biggest challenge and Chris has missed lots of work in the past because of it. He’ll be able to safely get himself and his chair to and from work with his truck.

Stay safe out there!


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