Christmas Eve was marked with frustration. We had a doctor’s appointment in Hershey for Harley. Chris wants to be there for appointments when he is able and today he should have been able to have been there. Well he was sort of…
The day started by picking Chris up at work. Very bitter cold and my hands felt it trying to tie down his chair. We get home and just a little more than an hour after we got home I was reloading his chair again in the same bitter cold.
We pick up Harley and head to Hershey. There is an accident that slows us for over a half an hour meaning we end up 15-20 minutes late for his appointment. We were lucky they decided to see him but that also meant we didn’t have time to unload Chris and his chair.
He ended up sitting in the car for a total of about 5 hours because we didn’t have time to unload him. Harley and I were in the doctor’s office for a good 2 of those hours. In that time it decided to snow unexpected to us. His chair was covered but the base where the electronics are weren’t completely covered because we didn’t intend on him sitting in the car for those 2 hours. That means his chair was somewhat exposed to snow, not exactly the best situation!
He was a little sore from sitting in that seat with no extra cushioning because of it not being planned. I hate situations that we plan extra time and it’s still not enough! Needless to say even if we were running late with the truck at least Harley and I could get out and run in and if it would take Chris a little longer at least he could get himself in and out of the vehicle and not be stranded for 2+ hours!
He missed another appointment due to circumstances beyond our control and I know it irritated him! It wasn’t anything exciting or fun but he wanted to be there for his son and missed an appointment due to not having the freedom of a properly equipped vehicle for his needs.


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