Some Great News and A New Challenge

I want to start with the good news! We finally paid off our current vehicle! We will be focusing on paying off some of our bills and then start saving what we were paying on the car to make a payment on the truck bearable. Getting Chris up and driving is more important than ever. It’s not just as easy as changing jobs for us either. He is our family’s health insurance right now. My work doesn’t offer health insurance as of right now. We’ll just have to adapt to the challenge ahead.

Our newest challenge is Chris’s work schedule changing to 2nd shift! The 3rd shift schedule is being eliminated. This means his schedule will now be 4:45pm- 3:15am.

This means no buses that truly work for this schedule.There isn’t an evening bus that would get him to work when he needs to get there because there are holes in bus service to Columbia. He does plan on taking the bus in the morning but it means a 2+ hour wait at work before he can catch the first bus and then a 2+ hour Commute meaning he won’t be home until 7:30-8:00am. He will at most have 8-9 hours to come home, eat, sleep, and have to get ready for work all over again. With his health needs this will be a pretty difficult adjustment for him. We’ll do our best to figure it out.

The new schedule will also mean therapy changes for the boys and a whole new routine. Parents with children on the autism spectrum know how difficult change can be so we are going to need all the positive thoughts and prayers we can get to make it through this major change with our boys.
Change is good but this is an unexpected change that is a bit intimidating.
We’re keeping our heads up and we’ll keep you up to date on what’s going on.