Chris’s Evaluation and The Next Steps

Chris’s hand control evaluation went very well. The instructor, Brian, agreed  Chris  going full joystick is the best choice for Chris. He originally learned on a zero effort horizontal steering wheel and a gas and brake pac unit. EMC has a similar set up but after trying out both, the steering wheel and the joystick, the joystick worked better for him.

With him going to the joystick set up he will have to retake his Driver’s test. The state of PA treats the joystick as a different method of steering thus requiring the person to test as a different system (kind of like being required to take a test for a CDL license). This is a little bit of an unexpected twist to the original plan but that isn’t the biggest surprise. The biggest surprise is that we are going to have to go to Johnstown PA for driver’s training. It doesn’t matter which system he went with for EMC he would be required to retake the system training, however he will only have to retake the test for needing the Joystick.  This means around the beginning of the year we’ll be headed out there and staying for a week. Chris will probably doing 8-10 hours of driving a day to be certified on the system. It will just be Chris and I so it will be the first time we have been that distance away from the boys for that long! We’re looking at it as a little bit of a vacation even though there is definitely some work involved.








Right now we are waiting for the evaluation report to be sent and the training to be approved by OVR. Once they approve the training we’ll figure out the dates we’ll be headed out there. After the training we’ll then have to wait again for the approval to move forward on getting the truck so we can’t even get a truck before the new year.

That is where we are at for now stay tuned for more updates!

Chris Driving with mini wheel/ gas/brake Lever

Chris driving Full Joystick