ER Trip with Tucker

Emergencies are a bit more stressful than they need to be in our family without Chris’s truck.

Our 5 year old Tucker and his brother were running around like typical 5 year olds. Tucker not looking where he was going ran into the corner of a wall, gashing his head. Luckily we were at Grandma and Grandpa’s because it meant baby sitting for Harley.

I got the bleeding to slow but after getting a good look Chris (who was judging by a picture text) and I decided it was best to head to the ER. Unfortunately with Chris being at work that meant we had to head over to pick him up before heading to the ER since we had no idea how long we’d be there. Him having his truck he may not have had to leave work right away or he could have met us at the hospital instead of us having to go to Lancaster to pick him up before heading to York hospital.

This was a minor emergency but had it been more serious the stress of figuring out how to coordinate Chris being picked up from work (we actually encountered this the night I went into premature labor with the twins), is definitely not an ideal situation. Chris having his truck will allow him to be able to better respond to family emergencies and medical needs without having to worry about how he is getting there to be with his family.
It is definitely hard enough to usually to get a spur of the moment sitter for one of the twins if need be let alone coordinating transportation for Chris.

Tucker ended up getting a little glue to the head to close the wound. He’s back to being an active 5 year old and his head will be just fine.


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