Upshift Sponsorship Letter


We are excited to announce our sponsorship opportunities! If you are interested in being a sponsor please contact us with your email address and we will send you the letter below.
We now have fiscal sponsorship so your sponsor donation is tax deductible.

Heather Sloat
Drive For Independence
Upshift Summer Bash 2015
372 W King St
York PA 17401

3/ /2015
Dear  ,

Drive for Independence is an organization dedicated to helping individuals with high level disabilities obtain wheelchair accessible vehicles needed to drive themselves to work and achieve their dreams of independence. We have already helped one individual achieve his dream. Christopher Sauerbaum along with his wife and many other dedicated individuals have raised the funds for a down payment on his vehicle which will soon be converted for his specific needs. After meeting his goal they decided to immediately work on paying it forward and helping others meet this same goal of being able to drive themselves to work and lead an overall more independent life.

Our annual car show is one of our largest fundraisers. Upshift Summer Bash 2015 will be held on Saturday, August 1, 2015 at Leg Up Farm and will showcase a variety of vehicles including cars, trucks and motorcycles with everything from classics to tuners. To make this year’s event an even larger success than last year we are seeking the support of business and private sponsors. There are several possible ways to support this event including Sponsorship, donation to the raffle, and door prizes.

We are also accepting donations to the raffle to be held during the event. The items will be on display throughout the event for the public to bid on. Each item will include a card with information about the item including the value and who it was donated by. Corporate sponsorship is not necessary to make a donation to the raffle. All donations are greatly appreciated.
Gold and Silver Sponsorship Levels and in Memoriam Trophy Sponsorships are limited and will go on a first come basis. We encourage all interested sponsors to return the sponsorship form as soon as possible, but no later than June 1, 2015 to ensure inclusion of your logo on promotional materials.
As an Upshift Summer Bash 2015 sponsor you will receive recognition in a variety of ways:
Gold Level $100
⦁ A vendor spot at the event
⦁ Logo or business information in the program
⦁ Option to include fliers, promotional material, or samples in the Give away bag
⦁ Logo on Reusable shopping bag handed out to first 150 entrants
⦁ Logo on banners and fliers
⦁ Sponsorship of a trophy

Silver Level $75
⦁ A vendor spot at the event
⦁ Logo or business information in the program
⦁ Option to include fliers, promotional material, or samples in the Give away bag
⦁ Logo on Reusable bag handed out to first 150 entrants
⦁ Logo on banners and fliers

Bronze Level $50.00
⦁ Vendor space at the event
⦁ Logo or business information in the program
⦁ Option to include fliers, promotional material, or samples in the Give away bag
We thank you for your consideration in supporting our Upshift Summer Bash 2015 and ultimately our mission with Drive for Independence in helping individuals with high level disabilities reach their goal of being able to drive themselves to work and achieve a new level of independence.
We look forward to seeing you join us at the Upshift Summer Bash 2015 being held at Leg Up Farm, located at 4880 N Sherman St Ext, Mt Wolf PA 17347.
Thank you for your continuing support,

Heather Sloat
Drive for Independence
Business Sponsorship Information
Business Name________________________________________________________________
Phone________________________ Website________________________________________________
Sponsorship Level
□Gold $100
□Silver $75
□Bronze $50
□ Yes, I’d like to donate an item to be used for the Silent Auction/Door Prizes.

In Memoriam Trophy Sponsorships $75
In Loving Memory of____________________________________________________________________
Contact person________________________________________________________________________
Logo must be in .JPEG, .PSD, or .EPS format and at least 150dpi (300dpi preferred).
Please e-mail your artwork to: Sponsorship form and checks made payable to “Philanthropic Endeavors” with a memo line of “Drive for Independence” may be mailed to address below. Any questions please contact me via email at
Heather Sloat, Drive for Independence, 372 W King Street, York PA 17401


Helping a man named Matthew

Helping a man named Matthew (letter)
Letter to the Editor

On Sunday, July 28, I stopped by the Metro Bank in the afternoon, just before they closed. As I was sitting in the drive-through lane, I had time to notice there were some people having a car wash fundraiser. Now, they didn’t seem to be doing any business, probably because when you know it’s going to rain, you figure, why bother.

When I turned in off of Carlisle Road, I noticed a young woman holding up a sign in the entrance to the bank that simply was hand lettered, “FUND RAISER CAR WASH — $5 donation.”

It didn’t say what it was for, so I didn’t pay much attention.

Maybe you’re like me, you like to know where the money is going, so I appreciate it when I can tell if it’s a school group or the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts or someone hoping to raise money for a good cause. And I never get the car wash, but occasionally I will simply give them a few dollars to encourage them. Most of them have relatives and neighbors that come out to support the group, so it’s not a total waste of time.

But this group had no one.

I noticed there was a young man in a wheelchair among the people in the group. I thought perhaps he was family or friends of the group, there for support.

The Lord spoke to my heart and said go get your car washed, don’t just give a few dollars. People are proud and like to feel valued, so I pulled in, handed them my $5 and said I would like a car wash.

Well, let me tell you, that car wash was the best one — I’ve paid a lot more for anywhere else. I had five or six people, including a little boy about 6 years old, hosing, scrubbing and drying with more energy than I have most days.

When they finished, I put my window down and asked the man outside my window what the fundraiser was for. He looked over at the young man in the wheelchair who had no legs and said, “Matthew, she wants to know what the fundraiser is for.”

Matthew looked me in the eye and said, “I’m trying to raise money so we can get a wheelchair-accessible van.”

I thanked them for the great car wash, wished him success with his efforts, and said to the group in general, “I guess it’s hard to have a car wash fundraiser when all they’re calling for is rain.” To which the young woman replied with a sad smile, “That’s just our luck”.

I don’t know about you, but that touched my heart. I don’t know how he lost both his legs. I just know I am fortunate enough to walk, talk and work, so I have a lot to be grateful for. Maybe you are, too — maybe you can help Matthew.


York Daily Record Article

Donations for our car wash Sunday July 28th



A HUGE thank you to Meguiar’s car care products and Advance Auto. Meguiar’s donated 144 1oz packs of their Ultimate Wash and Wax. Advance Auto on Mt Rose Ave in York donated 3 buckets, 5 sponges, and a bottle of the Meguiar’s Ultimate Wash And Wax just to be sure we had enough. Another big thank you goes out to Metro Bank on York Crossings Drive in York for allowing us to use their parking lot and their water. Thank you to those of you that have committed to coming our and helping with.the car wash! We truly appreciate it!