Let’s Create A Roadtrip Cookbook


We are working on creating a cookbook as a fundraiser. The theme is “road trip food”. The basic idea is to create a collection of recipes that travel well on road trips that don’t have to be refrigerated or travel well in a cooler. So, send me your best Road Trip recipes! We’d appreciate any recipes or suggestions for recipes! Please send your recipes to driveforindependence@gmail.com or the Drive for Independence Facebook page. Thank you!


Cookbooks available!

We have quite a few copies of the cookbook available for a $15.00 minimum donation. If you are interested in one either contact us via the contact form or use the Paypal donate button to order. Thanks!




Download a high resolution PDF below:
Flyer PDF link | Order-form PDF link

Gardening With A Purpose Cookbook

We are looking to put together a cookbook with Garden Fresh recipes. We originally were looking for recipes with prep time of less than 30 minutes but decided to open it up to any length of prep. The categories are
Breakfast and smoothies, soups and salads, appetizers and sides, main dishes and desserts. I’m also adding a category of Salsas. I’m getting quite a fresh salsa recipes that they need their space! The goal is to have as much of the dish possible or main ingredients be garden fresh. We are looking for around 50-60 recipes. Submit 3 recipes and be entered to win one when they are completed! We will include your name and if you are a business we will include a short who you are and website information. We would like to set a deadline of Saturday Sept 21. so Chris has time to do layout to save on production costs. I would like to do preorder sales in October and hope to have them for our Nov.10 vendor show.
We are probably looking at $20-$25 for a spiral bound cookbook. We will get a definite price out there once we pick a final printer but our goal right now is to get those recipes!

Recipes can be sent to driveforindependence@gmail.com
Or to our Drive for Independence Facebook inbox.

Can’t wait to see the awesome recipes!